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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] NBA (National Basketball Association) has always been the American sports brand battleground, Nike is relying on the large number of quality is also good NBA sponsored players firmly occupy 90% of the US basketball shoe market. Now, latecomers Under Armour has taken an important step, they announced on Monday with the NBA entered into a global partnership program, from 2018 onwards, Under Armour will naming NBA pre-draft camp, and Upgrade to Jr.NBA (youth basketball), chief partner. NBA pre-draft camp is the league's first player selected each year the General Assembly, which is the best channel for the world's young players into the NBA - and now Nike contributed great reputation and shoes LeBron James sales, is the result of training? Rookie Camp. In addition to the retail release shall cooperate shirts, Under Armour and the NBA will also launch a product called NBA Fit APP, including suggestions for training, fitness-related content, and can be your fitness data entry Under Armour health fitness platform UA Record. "Under Armour and the NBA will work together to basketball, fitness, healthy life." Emilio Collins, executive vice president of global marketing cooperation in the NBA said in an interview, "Now we have a unique opportunity, through the NBA FIT APP Union Spirit to teach millions of children. " As the upstart American sports brand, Under Armour rely on tight fast drying and other fitness products fortune, now in the US market has more than Adidas to become the second largest sports brand. Currently, they broke the momentum of basketball has not be ignored, since they signed NBA players all the way Stephen Curry won the regular season MVP and Finals, The Curry One of their signature shoes have all been sold out. According to our previous reports, Under Armour current strategy will focus on the basketball clothing, after the NBA brand competition will be more intense on. Last year, Under Armour will attempt to win over Kevin? Durant, Nike spent $ 300 million to buy a large amount of money just ten years after the athlete endorsement. According to po foamposites for cheap ints, rebounds, steals, and even foreign media statistics contribution Nike, Adidas and Under Armour brand endorsement three players:Wtaps2016 in spring and summer series release can be said is so many like Wtaps friends popping, get 2016ss lookbook also some small disappointment, although Nishiyama Tetsu expressly to street skateboarding into this season, but for ordinary has been used Wtaps military wind we, such a change or some sudden. WTAPS 2016 " EX.32" SS; Lookbook in the first impression is not good under the premise, it is susceptible to emotional impact and negate that Wtaps 2016SS released even without NBHD Aizen series topic rate is high, styles of color similar to that of advantages usually do not drift with the tide now has also been criticized for rigid, not innovation. So this season is really Nishiyama Tetsu mistakes it? Or is it that the Western Hills have been depleted by the magic of the grand master? A Cheng think not, I this time is carrying the task of washing white to come from the creative direction and we talk about the Western Hills, what do you want to do a clothes? Mr. Nishiyama Tetsu for between the brand style division is very clear, is mainly responsible for the three brands Wtaps, FFF was against rights (referred to as FPAR), DESCENDANT (][d over s (nd. Down the hill with N. offspring; descendants) respectively to simple hardcore military elements, rebellious not bridle - slogan elements, soft and comfortable - cut design style, three brands do not interfere with each other, FPAR standard rebellion in Wtaps is inhibition of good. FPAR are mostly short sleeved and hoodies, there is a big difference between the style and WTAPS. DESCENDANT is to become an independent school and other, neither side. so that the individual Xishan penetration in the decision to do a piece of clothing when, will by the style of the brand as the first priority, although the brand would be a powerful and unconstrained style, but it will ensure the original style of the maximum. Wtaps the creation of mostly from military books and films, locomotive, street culture, so its said Wtaps military style, be inferior to saying is to all his in jordans for sale terest hobby (BMX+ skateboard +HIPHOP+ locomotive + military) as the basis, these are Wtaps. Military is just one of the elements, we put the Wtaps limitations, and Nishiyama Tetsu did not. and FPAR products, Xishan is to their hardcore punk emotion all the extracted and into which, compared to the Wtaps implicit and FPAR design pay more attention to the direct spiritual expression. WAY/TEENOI never lose in recent years, China's footwear enterprises can be described as "ordeal": the price of raw material and labor costs rise and other factors make a shoe cost rise, according to rough statistics, shoe-making costs rose about 20%; in addition, the external environment has also caused many adverse effects on China's footwear exports. there is no reason to complain about the unpredictable international market. We can only overcome it in the face of difficulties. At present, it is important to reflect on why shoe-making enterprises or traditional manufacturing industry will encounter such a big difficulty Where is the cause? Only when we find ourselves missing and keeping fit, can we avoid repeating the same mistakes in order to withstand the bigger storm in the international market. , as a shoe giant, vice chairman of China Leather Association and chairman of AOKANG group Wang Zhentao, has many original opinions on China's footwear industry's "going out" and other issues. This edition for this special opening "China shoes industry how to go out" column, from this issue began to publish Wang Zhentao related views. in fact, the internationalization of Chinese shoe-making enterprises, the Russian hit "gray customs clearance" and "anti-dumping" incident is only a beginning. With the expansion of China's shoes enterprises overseas market, all kinds of trade barriers, such as anti-dumping, will come sooner or later. Even without today's Russia and European Union, there will be the future of the United states. all kinds of trade barriers to come now, although is not justified, but also to China shoe enterprises caused a lot of trouble, but it can take Chinese shoe-making enterprises to increase innovation, improve industrial structure, improv cheap foamposites for sale e product quality and technology content, strengthen brand building. has the pressure, only then has the power, only then has the development. From this point of view, perhaps to crack down on "gray customs clearance" and anti-dumping, "against us, but good.". no brand is so strong that it can not compete. The advantage behind it often hides the disadvantage. The other side of the extreme advantage is the fatal disadvantage. This is a word I recently spoke to senior management of AOKANG group. so how do you add value to your product? I think we should increase the functionality of some leather shoes in research and development. For example, now on the market and shock-absorbing shoes breathable shoes, which are sold in the market price is not functional shoes to a high of 200-500 yuan / double; especially some foreign brands, each pair of shoes the price even higher than 1000 yuan. This is the value of science and technology, and such shoes in the process of exports are more welcomed by foreign businessmen. Before , we successfully developed a joint Zhejiang University and other units set foot shoes machine. This machine can not only meet the individual needs of consumers, but also allow AOKANG to achieve "zero inventory" management, promotionShortly before the exposure of the Air 1 Jordan Retro Low OG Neutral Grey will undoubtedly become another choice following the Bred color after good, the network has released a set of photos on the foot of beauties, which interested friends may wish to refer to. The continuation of low profile design concise, pure white color with the shoe body, and Swoosh, and the details are made of gray decorative heel. item: 705329-100 release date: March 7thPrice: jordan-1-low-white-grey-2015-1.jpg (73.49 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 1 Retro Low OG Neutral Grey on foot Mito 2015-2-27 11:23 upload jordan-1-low-white-grey-2015.jpg (86.75 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 1 Retro Low OG Neutral Grey on foot Mito 2015-2-27 11:23 upload jordan-1-low-white-grey-2015-2.jpg (89.25 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 1 Retro Low OG Neutral Grey on foot Mito 2015- cheap air jordans 2-27 11:23 uploadPEAK Team Attitude George Hill Christmas PE 2014-02-24 20:59:37 PEAK domestic brands in recent years has made considerable progress, George Hill's signing, Lori, Battier and many other powerful players. When Christmas comes, PEAK naturally won't let go of this opportunity to show himself. The PEAK Team Attitude PE is a dedicated Christmas version for the Pacers guard George Hill, with a big red , PEAK Logo and Hill's personal Logo. In the end to show purple and ink pattern decoration, outsole chose green collocation, a spirit of christmas. NBA regular season sneakers report 4.14 2014-05-06 22:47:43 today's NBA court conducted a total of 7 games: Thunder 97-102 walker, David - West 21, George 20, Stevenson 17 points and 10 rebounds and 11 assists, Durant 38 points, Westbrook 21 points and 9 rebounds and 7 assists; Toronto 116-107 piston, Deluozan Lori 30 points, 28 points, 23 points Monroe Detroit 10 rebounds, Drummond 14 points and 17 rebounds; magic 88-97 nets; bull 89-100 Nicks, Anthony 17 points and 3 assists, Nuo A 13 points and 17 rebounds for the bulls and 9 assists; warriors 117-119 Portland, Curitiba, 47 points, 25 points Thompson, the Blazers Aldridge 26 points and 7 rebounds, Mathews 24 points, the warriors in overtime defeated Minnesota; King 103-106; Memphis 102-90 lakers. Next to today's NBA regular season sneakers coverage. Andre Iguodala: Nike Kobe 9 EM Stephen curry: Und〉Leopard leopard and rivet Christian Louboutin new Slip-On released 2013-12-08 22:40:54 Christian Louboutin in the past two years with its luxurious style swept the trend of Europe and the United States, its classic metal and animal elements favored by the tide community. Recently, Christian Louboutin is the two success will become aggravated, combine elements of the launch of the Christian Louboutin Fred AU 14 Printed Pony Leopard. The designer combines rivets and leopard print elements to bring out this lethal gentleman shoe. The texture of the leopard horsehair shoe body golden rivet collocation rules of distribution of the wild, full flavor, and a red stripe in the upper and bottom of the shoe has become the punchline.Earlier, the black version of EQT Support 93-17 launched by Adidas was sold out on sale, and this time, Adidas launched the white version of EQT Support 93-17 shoes again. The shoes are still using the iconic Primeknit and full palm BOOST midsole shoes side clever use of Adidas's iconic three stripes as red lace holes, followed by TPU also make this simple but not dull white shoes. At present, the shoes have been sold, the price is 170 dollars, like friends may act as soon as possible.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] has been shrouded in closed shop shadow of the Olympic year, seems to have signs of recovery: According to the latest data Pick orders, the total amount of the order has been three consecutive quarters maintain growth. The Peak CEO Xu Zhihua has also expressed to reporters, Olympic year, same-store sales are growing at a rate of 30%, the number of shop began to grow. line business "recovery" "problem is the industry's first two years of sports brand closed shop tide to a greater extent, after two years of adjustment, our situation is improving, the number of same-store sales and shop are growing." Xu Zhihua told reporters. Peak Sport "The recent Chinese business operations announcement" shows that the total number of stores in the past year, reversing the continuous negative growth, with year-end 2013 compared to an increase of four. Xu Zhihua said, the next Olympic will no longer blindly shop, but will be more to focus on improving same-store sales. To enhance performance by improving product quality, channel management and other aspects. For the next marketing strategy, said Xu Zhihua, Peak will still focus on the second and third tier cities. "In the first-tier cities, the high-end crowd has been occupied by foreign brands, it is difficult to compete in that market compared to foreign brands, our strength lies in cost-effective, more suitable for the demands of the low end of the city." But Xu Zhihua stressed, smaller space does not mean that second and third tier cities can develop. Instead, he pointed out, second and third tier cities in fact, "more money" -. "The more low-end of the city, the competition is not sufficient, so the higher commodity prices, higher profits." According to him, in the second and third tier cities Pick discount of about 8 to 9 fold, while the discount tier cities will usually be pressed into 5 to 7 fold. two electricity supplier trendy try In the field of electronic business, Pick's strategy has been too radical. Xu Zhihua has on many occasions stressed that e-commerce will not replace traditional retail, and frankly brands as the electricity supplier channels Clearance unhealthy practices. Prior also had reports that the electricity supplier channels Peak pricing higher than the line, this practice in the "shock" of the traditional brand is extremely rare. But it also emphasized that the responsible person, online and offline just a different valence transition, once the company's future exploration O2O mode, the product price will return to unity. Xu Zhihua told reporters a few days ago, Olympic does not currently online and offline prices are not uniform presence. "The company will specifically contribute to the development of online channels, but as long as the line, the line of products the same below shall have the same price policy persist." In the context of O2O concept has been overwhelming, Peak does not intend to fall. According to Xu Zhihua introduction, the basic principles of the Olympic push O2O is "online and offline fused into one", specific performance is a shared inventory of goods under the line can online purchase, special contributions may be in the line of stores electronic displays to buy. Xu Zhihua said that currently the country has chosen the Olympic part of the above attempts O2O model shop, but now the main system is still in the planning and construction phase, the need to balance the interests of all parties. The reporter has learned, to try their own electricity supplier in Olympic Operation addition, Xu Zhihua personal also in 2012 invested tide shoes custom love set off electricity provider website, become C2B mode "Pathfinder." But whether online and offline, O2O, Zhi-Hua Xu stressed that channel will not be too obvious segment. In his view, both Olympic This "traditional brand" or Liebo, Yan Man This "Internet brand", in essence, are goods brand, is the main value of manufactured goods, communication with consumers. Follow mobile terminal platform Compared to the PC side electricity supplier, the Olympic movement ends in even more cautious. Xu Zhihua is recognized movement must be the future direction of development, its already heavy users of mobile Internet, "on the road trip will be able to reply document", but the Olympic movement will mainly rely on technology or platform and intermediary. "What the media well, whom we cooperate," This is Xu Zhihua of Olympic movement of a thought. In his view, this self-built App directly connected consumers to bypass the platform approach is clearly worthwhile, "how drainage is a big problem." But he does not exclude the micro-channel direct communication with members. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: shoe & nbsp; clothing and shoes information.)item: 705178-045 release date: February 15thSports players set a variety of elements in one, Nike Zoom Kobe VII push new shoes 2012-05-26 09:16:44 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: freshnessmag] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes Network May 26 hearing in mid-May, when many were once hot Sneaker Nike Zoom Kobe VII & quot; WHAT THE KOBE & quot; and finally in the recently broke the details of the plan. And, according to foreign media reports, this seems a bit strange color shoes, its design concept is derived from the limited Christmas Cheetah styled, Posion Dar Frog poison dart frogs, All-Star Game and other qualified Galaxy double Nike ZOOM KOBE VII masterpiece in one, so it is showing an unprecedented unique appearance, of course, coupled with the variety of colors of the background, it can be said in the summer of this Nike Zoom Kobe VII & quot; WHAT THE KOBE & quot; will definitely shine. Although the exposure of this message still did not disclose the sale of information, but the heart of my friends can continue to focus our follow-up report. Related news